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About Us

BONNIE CARTER – A Rhode Island & Massachusetts Realtor, now Broker / Owner of 36d5 Realty, has taken the best parts of past experience, with previous Real Estate companies and created a fun, competitive, family orientated Real Estate environment.

OUR OFFICE – Our boutique style store front office is the 1st of many locations to spring up in the near future. Our current goal in the Rhode Island market is to have a physical location in an active area with a low volume of competition and to grow with satellite offices throughout the state in the next year.

As our office and agent list grows, so will our coverage. With our license in Massachusetts and being a member of MAR, we look forward to integrating a physical location into the Massachusetts market.

With the Internet being what it is in today’s market, we need to be where the people can find us. Our focus will be in more rural areas utilizing the lower competition points and a radius of coverage into city area. By keeping costs low we are able to offer a more competitive compensation plan to our agents.

COMPENSATION – For a limited time only we are offering an 80/20 split to new agents (both experienced and new to the market) to build our roster. Our splits may stay the same, but could change. Today is a great time to start up with 36d5 Realty and lock your rate in. Your next question might be… What do I get for being a member of 36d5 Realty?



The Benefits of Working With 36d5 Realty


BUSINESS CARDS - We will provide you with several styles to choose from & pay for your business cards. We believe in your success. We plan to motivate you in being a success. Your success

SIGNS & RIDERS - We will offer to you signs & sign posts as well as riders. These basic 18x24 signs will be available in the office for pick up or you can order additional styles on your own. All of our signs and riders are aluminum.

LEAD GENERATING WEBSITE - Our website leads go directly to admin at 36d5 Realty and are handed out on a rotating basis. We utilize an IDX management system at no cost to you

AGENT SECTION - Each agent has a personalized image, section and presence on our website. With your own section for lead generating contacts.

TRAINING - Daily, Weekly & Monthly training sessions. Both one on one and in a group atmosphere. Have fun with our team while we develop competitive ways to get our name out there. By utilizing conventions, such as wedding expos & home expos as well as marketing groups like Jay’s and After Hours meetings. Let’s get out there and make sure they know we are here.

DOTLOOP - We offer the ease of transaction management with Dot Loop. From new agent paperwork, buying, selling or leasing, company applications etc, the modern technology of e-signatures is now at your fingertips at no cost to you.

COMMUNICATIONS - The freedom to choose a 36d5.com email address or utilizing one of your choosing (such as gmail or yahoo). The email comes at no cost to you.

PHONE DUTY / DESK DUTY - It’s there for the taking but not a requirement. Our general office hours in Burrillville are Monday thru Friday 10-5, but we would love to have the coverage to expand. Any calls or leads are yours for the taking. When more then one agent is present, it’s rotating.

FEE STRUCTURE / PAY STRUCTURE - We take the guesswork out of working with your co-workers. We will have a company-approved pay scale (ex. Covering an open house or showing up for someone’s inspections) We will also have a company approved referral fee and are happy to work with companies outside of our own. Our agents are completely able to work with their own fee structures as long as it is put in writing and e-signatures are in place prior to the property going on the market or under contract.


Contact Information

Bonnie Carter, REALTOR®
H.O.P.E Designated
Member of NAR, RIAR & NRIBR
36d5 Realty
Direct: 401-374-1665